Weekly Musings

This was an interesting week for me. I’m still trying to get a hang of everything, and that’s proving to be a little bit more difficult than I originally anticipated. I’m sure there will still be some mistakes here and there, but I enjoy having more creative reign over where I decide to bring my blog. I’m also still coming to grasps with Twitter. I try to expel myself from social media, besides Snapchat. So it’s proving a little difficult for me to use Twitter, period.

Regardless, I did have some fun with the daily creates. I missed the first one of this week due to my inability to read directions, but I completed the others with a relatively diverse set of ideas.

I know, I know, my artistic genius knows no bounds.

For my weekly assignments, I decided to put them all in one post so I wouldn’t excessively flood the main class site. I completed them at different times, but put them all in one document because I am still not great with WordPress. I did one written assignment and two visual ones. Happy accidents one could say….

Weekly Things

Here’s the link to my weekly assignments. I’m still working on customizing my blog, I switched out of the default theme, and I’m trying to de-ugly everything in between, though I’m also a fan of not over-complicating things. I’m viewing others blogs as well, I’m not commenting an awful lot though. I plan to change this however, I’m sure we all are just adjusting to everything right now, and more focussed on what to do, and if it’s correct.

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