Week ??? Summary

I’ve lost track of time. But I have done a fair amount of assignments this week, the majority of my focus was on the group projects, and I must admit that I did neglect my daily creates as a result. But as far as the group project goes, we’re on a great path and I’m sure we can do some great things with it.

I made a promo logo for our radio show: Promo, Logo?

Documented my progress: Radio Show Progress And There is some!

And I made some commercials for the audio assignments, that I plan on using in the final radio show project. Since they aren’t serious, I had a little fun with them and made them a little more interesting on the ears. Both of them are for things relevant to the radio show theme that we’re going with, and are both pretty long and fairly descriptive of the products/services they are offering.

Commercial Number Two

Commercial Number One

Daily create: https://twitter.com/ds106dc/status/1497163979377889280

Overall, I enjoyed actually being able to discuss things from this class with my group, and the communication was definitely way better in person. Next time I have to remember to do my Daily Creates and work on my poetry too because that’s lacking a little bit I presume. Next week should be pretty good as well, as there is always more stuff to do and more things that we are going to add to our radio show after the next meeting occurs.

I also commented on other posts and looked around a little bit at what others are doing. There is a definite spread of different personalities going around!

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