Week 6 Summary, I Think I’m Getting a Hang of This

I’m still working on figuring out Audacity, so anything not involving Audacity is a good thing right now. Having fewer assignments this week made it a lot easier for me to increase the quality of what I’ve been able to produce.

Design thoughts: Design Thoughts

Photo Blitz

For my Photo Blitz, I had fun taking pictures of very different elements, and making them into a unique spread showcasing different styles, and things that aren’t always seen as photographs.

Movie Poster, Meet Book Cover

For my Weekly assignments, this one I chose to change a movie cover to display as a book cover, and I enjoyed working with different themes to put this together.

I Created a “Read” Poster!

I made a read poster! But I made it much more unique.

My Business Card

A business card too, though I made it much more interesting than they usually are.

Overall, a solid and productive week for me. I also started commenting more, which I’ve had trouble with in the past because I still am fumbling to get a hold of how exactly everything here is set up.

Oh yeah, and here are my daily creates. Nothing special.

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