Week 3 Summary

Lots of learning this week. The writing assignments were pretty painless, once I weeded through the ones I didn’t care to do. I enjoy the freedom to pick and choose. I’m not a huge fan of poetry though, so I made a point of avoiding those.

The daily creates were pretty good as well, a very diverse range of ideas this time around.

What I struggled with the most was the short story outline. I honestly don’t love writing stories or anything like that. I’ll figure it out eventually though, and what I have now is very rough, but I suppose I have the majority of the semester to figure it out eventually.

Daily Creates

Story Analysis

Reading, Some More

Writing Assignments

That Bucket List  (2 Stars)

5 Albums that Shaped Your Taste (2 Stars)

What’s in a name  (2 Stars)

A Letter to me as a child  2.5 Stars

How Does a Song Make You Feel? 1.5 Stars

Dream it, Write it (2.5 Stars)

Short Story Outline

This one is admittedly a little bit rough, just because I’m not entirely sure what I’m going for here.

Long Form, Short Story

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