Week 10 Summary

I used IMovie for the first time in what feels like eternity. I’ve never really used it much before since like elementary school-ish. But it was pretty easy to get a hang of, and is a pretty solid interface for piecing videos together for free, and it’s also very easy to edit and add stills. My old school finally revoked access to my Adobe Creative Cloud things, so I no longer was able to access that suite, which is what I had originally planned on doing for this week.

The first assignment I did was the how-to video. I felt like the 2.5 stars originally allocated were not sufficient for the amount of work I put into this initial video, so I decided to make it a 5/10 rating. I spent a lot of time filming, editing, and remembering to add some form of text narration because I hate speaking in videos.

How to do something that probably nobody in this class will have to do.

The second assignment I did was the POV one for three stars. I filmed a POV clip of driving and added some fun sound effects and a filter to it. The character seems to be escaping nuclear war, or something. I really should figure out what YouTube has against letting me upload in 4k, unless its the internet making it difficult for this to be done.

Point of View (3)

Finally, I made a sassy cooking show for 3 stars. I made a smoothie, it was all smaller clips, but I spliced them together in order for them to make more sense.

Cooking Show, But Sassy (NOT REALLY COOKING)

For my video essay, I went with Silence of The Lambs, because even though it’s mentioned in the assignment details, I still think it’s a very unique and well done film, even if you only pay attention to the filmography, lighting and overall themes conveyed by the film.

 I Make a Video Essay

I also poked around my classmate’s assignments a bunch, and commented some. Just to make sure I’m on the right track.

Daily Creates:

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