Street View Story (3 Stars)

I randomly zoomed out on Google Maps and dropped the pin with my eyes closed. I ended up at 19 Pochtamtskaya Ulitsa in Kapinsk, Sverdlovsk Oblast. Which is in Russia.

19 Pochtamskaya resembles a Soviet Gulag of some sort. I can’t read Cyrillic, which is what all of the signs are in. There is a barbed-wire fence and a couple of smokestacks in the building, but they come out of the underground, not the building itself. Perhaps a secret government manufacturing center? Probably not, because the exterior of the building looks absolutely terrible. In actuality, likely a brake factory or something. If it was an apartment building in DC, the rent would easily be $2,000 a month because of the “urban design.” I wonder how many Google Street View drivers have been abducted by townspeople?

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