Show Reflections

I did not have a chance to tune in to any of the live broadcasts, they are always going during a slightly inopportune time for me. I listed to “College Advice” by bmdablis. This group was smaller than my group, so it was shorter than what my group did. But I thought the concept was very interesting, and I liked how they said they used a recording setup thing from UC. We did not use this but had the option to. But I really liked how their audio quality was, as it seemed to have been a good option. I would suggest all groups do this going forward, just for the sake of better audio quality. I also found the concept to the interesting, and relatable. It was also interesting to see a nonfiction radio show, as it seemed that most of the shows were based on fictional stories and things that had been bent to fit a certain theme or narative. The only thing I didn’t like was that the sound effects could be a bit abrupt, and the audio levels fluctuated a lot between the different hosts.

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