Revisiting Some Things

There have been a couple of projects that I’ve wanted to experiment with more, even though in the moment I only did them once with minimal experimentation.

The first one was the sketch one. I just thought I could do more things with it than I actually did, and there were a few pictures that I would have liked to run through the machine but didn’t have the chance to.

This was “visualassignments2960.”

I ran about five images through. One had people in it and looked absolutely terrifying. I do not recommend running people through the sketch machine.

A golf course. The original looks much better. The machine doesn’t like grass, or lack of scenery. Though the mountains in the background didn’t get cut out I presume.

The machine also does not like water, and complex details. This doesn’t really look like a sketch to me anymore.
It hated my car even more. The shiny paint confused it I guess, and it didn’t really make the wheels look sketchy at all.

So overall, I prefer the original project I did. But it was worth taking another look and experimenting with it a little bit. Not liking stuff is a pretty important part of the creative process, so I’m not worried about that.

For my second revision, I decided to change my art adaptation project. I just drew a mustache on the Mona Lisa the first time around, so this time I decided to go a little more in depth with changing things.

This time I ruined the Mona Lisa even more. I distorted the image a whole bunch, so now she looks like a Simpsons character or something. I spent a good chunk of time trying to decide exactly how I wanted to do this, but this was my favorite result I think.

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