Radio Show Progress And There is some!

It’s been an interesting week for sure. I never really expected to do anything in person for this class, especially with the format and the professor not even being at UMW. But we had an in-person meeting at the conferencing building on campus, and my group and I were able to get a much better perspective on where to go with our project. I’m not a huge fan of Zoom meetings because I tend to not be engaged and get very bored, but being able to do this in person really helped get us on the right track.

My group also met once beforehand over Zoom, but I was working and wasn’t able to join this meeting. However, in the second meeting I found that they had already delegated some things for me to do, and I immediately got started with it.

We’ve already started our script, and we are currently working on getting together to rehearse some of our lines for the recording. I’ve completed two commercials for the project, and there are several other things that I’m also currently working on to expedite this process.

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