My Business Card

So once upon a time, I had a legitimate business card for a legitimate business that my friend and I ran. It had all of my actual-ish information on it, and was used for a few months. But, we got rid of that business eventually and I haven’t really had a business card since.

Again, I had a business card for myself last year when I was working for an insurance company doing property inspections. But, thankfully my boss decided to not put my personal cell phone number on the card, which was great because I don’t like talking to customers on my own phone.

So, for this assignment, I decided to have some fun with it and not explicitly do a business card promoting myself in a conventional manner. I’ve already had too many boring, ordinary business cards, and what’s adding another one to the pile going to do? But I did put the actual link to my blog in the card itself, so that works, right? I also admittedly do not live on Sesame Street, though that would be pretty cool if it were true.

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