Make Your Own Mixtape

I don’t use Itunes or anything, I use Spotify. So I don’t have any music downloaded, rendering Audacity more useless than I already find it to be.

So I just used Spotify to make a fairly specific playlist. The instructions never said I couldn’t!

To make this playlist, I decided to go with something a little different than just my favorite music. I decided to put together a bunch of borderline “muzak” together. While the term muzak generally refers to elevator music, void of vocals, most of the music in this playlist is instrumental. As a child, I can remember shopping at Kmart, Walmart, and the like with my parents and hearing similar music playing in the store. Hell, even Publix still plays this kind of music today in its stores. While this isn’t the music of my generation, I can’t help but feel nostalgic for it.

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