Long Form, Short Story

Long Form, Short Story

My College Experience, in Short

Setting- Various places in the east coast

Characters- Me, some other people that I haven’t fictionalized yet

Theme- Self discovery

-Why you should care

-The first section: What led up to my college experience. Why I ended up there in the first place

-The second section: How the first chapter of my college experience ended. What happened to me, what happens to thousands of others in the exact same situation as me. The comical, the trivial and all of the things that happened which really didn’t make any sense at all

-Third section: What happened after leaving my first college. What others in the same situation usually do following something like this. What I chose to do, and what I discovered about myself along the way. In contrast to others I know who were in the same situation.

-Moving to a different state to continue the story. What good came out of this, and what not so great came out of this. Details about choosing things from name, and not merit.

-Where I’m at now. Where others are at now. What I could have done, what I should have done, and what I never would have done had I not made a series of decisions to lead up to this point in my life.

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