I am in a world of confusion (Also Week 5 Summary)

I do not foresee a future for myself in anything related to audio. Audacity is terrible, and far too much hassle to work with. I just don’t have the time to fully master it.

First I stopped by hell for a quick look around. I could have just played U2 and it would have taken me to my personal hell, but I wanted something more painful for others.

Auditory Hell

Then I did the mixtape assignment, but it seemed to be in a slightly different format than was originally requested.

Make Your Own Mixtape

I listened to the radio show.

Radio Show, Thoughts

What a Song Means To Me

Described a song.

Sound Effects Story

Made a story from sound effects.

Audio Reflection

Reflected on audio storytelling

Radio Show Ideas

Thought about a radio show

Radio Bumper

And made a radio bumper.

All of this took way more time than I would have liked, especially since I still am not confident with audacity.

Oh, and my three daily creates.

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