Final Meaning

For my final project, I decided to define what “art” means to me. I see a lot of definitions about what many different people do, and don’t consider art. What immediately comes to mind is the controversy of artists such as Andres Serrano, and the like. What they created was art in their own minds, but many others didn’t see it that way. To the inverse of that point as well. Creativity and art really are synonymous, and you can’t have one without the other because everyone will always look at things differently.

I combined some of my projects from this semester, with music, stock footage and narration to make my final project. Ambiguity is my sole intent, I hope others can manage to see things the same way I see them. I played with a lot of sound effects and different types of video to try and convey a message that couldn’t be just cut and dry, I hope it turned out well! I also used Audacity, Gimp, and iMovie to try and combine all of the elements of the creative process that we have developed throughout this class.

I hope the Youtube gods are kind to me, because I did use copywrite music. It was name your price, but I don’t know about usage etc.

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