Becoming a Better Photographer

Any photo can tell a story, most efficiently in the eyes of the photographer. I can’t just find some random picture on the internet and tell some BS story about it using cursory knowledge. In my view, whenever somebody takes a picture, they must be the one to explain it. Otherwise, a sheer interpretation is merely a somewhat irrefutable opinion.

To discuss these points, I pulled a few pretty basic photos at random from my phone.

This first picture plays into perspective, lighting, perspective, depth, balance, background, and moment.

From the perspective of myself, while taking the picture, the walkway in front of you appears to be purposefully warped. Mainly because it is, but the photograph itself creates a lot of contrast between the flat foreground, and the curves of the path ahead. The lighting also plays into this, as it follows the curves of the pathway, and draws attention to the railing. I only wish I had taken it with a better camera, so it would better exhibit all of these things.

As I mentioned earlier, the perspective of the photo also plays into its nature as an image. I took it from a flat part of the boardwalk, looking out at the part of the walk that gets increasingly curved, both sideways and up and down. The depth of the walkway can also be clearly noticed, as it doesn’t have an apparent end, giving the image a very long field of view. There are also no people visible in the photo, which adds to the ambiance and allows it to tell a more diverse and less specific story.

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