A Letter to me as a child  2.5 Stars

Hi RJ as a 13 year old. I think I’m writing to you at the correct time? What I’m going for is you like right after middle school, so I think I have the age frame correct? If I don’t, whoopsie daisies, If I got you too old, well that sucks. Too young, doesn’t really matter nearly as much. Anyways, your parents will try and make you attend catholic school in 9th grade. Even though you aren’t catholic, and nobody in your family is. The school will be riddled with asbestos, and senile nuns that somebody allowed to teach for some reason. It will also suck massively, and will be a massive waste of time and money. So stop messing stuff up in middle school, so they feel comfortable sending you to a public school. Even if you do go there, you’ll end up in public school for 10th grade anyways, because they will have the same shocking realization that you will have as well. 

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