5 Albums that Shaped Your Taste (2 Stars)

I have pretty unique musical tastes for somebody my age, (22). Some of my musical taste comes from my mother, who interacted with a lot of these musicians in her early career. Not from my father, whose taste in music makes my ears bleed. 

5. Tom Petty- Full Moon Fever (1989)

I’ve always liked Tom Petty, and Full Moon Fever is no exception. I bought this album on cassette for like a dollar for my project car, which only had a cassette player at the time. A lot of the songs on this album, like Free Falling, were very influential at certain parts of my life. I can’t even listen to that particular song anymore, without being flooded by nostalgia. I in fact, don’t really want to listen to it again to not ruin the way it brings me back. Also kind of a fun fact, but my mother met Tom Petty in the 80’s at a party, and he was so strung out on drugs that he wasn’t functional and could barely speak. Sounded like a great time.

4. Live- Throwing Copper (1994)

There is a radio station in the DC-ish area called DC101 that used to exclusively play 90’s-00’s rock. It sucks now, and plays pop music for some reason. Nevertheless, that station was always on in my fathers car, because I hate his music. They always played a couple songs from this album, and that kinda stuck with me into adulthood. Around that time, I discovered listening to the entire album, instead of selecting songs. This album itself is one of my favorites, and a rare case of an album where I like every single song on it. 

3. Supertramp- Breakfast in America (1979)

Another one of the albums my mother always listened to growing up, this is another one of the few albums I can stand to listen to in its entirety. Also has some of the best album art I’ve ever seen. Pretty much all of the songs are catchy as can be, and there’s a lot more instrumental depth to them compared to most modern music.

2. Talking Heads- Remain in Light (1980)

I could listen to this album all day. It’s so unique, and every track has its own sound to it. I could listen to The Talking Heads all day, easily. Another group where you can read into the lyrics, and actually comprehend meaning from them. David Byrne is definitely a character, but a musician genius at the same time.

  1. Dire Straits- Brothers in Arms (1985)

One of the best summers of my life, I had this album on repeat the entire time. One of my close friends at the time always had some songs from this album playing in the car 24-7, and a few of them got stuck into my head to this day. While again, I can’t listen to some of them without immense nostalgia, this album still has been and always will be one of my favorites of all time, because of the music and the memories. 

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