Week 14, The Summary

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 14 weeks since the beginning of this class. It feels like we just started. This was my first fully self paced class I’ve taken, so it was definitely an interesting ride trying to get used to the many different elements of the course. Overall, I found it to be a pretty interesting course with a lot of different things to learn. I probably struggled the most with using WordPress, which I really do not like using. I also had some difficulties getting programs to work properly, and even at one point IMovie decided that it was going to kill my laptop. I both enjoyed being able to do everything self paced, and loathed it at the same time though. Sometimes I felt like I had absolutely no idea what I’m doing, and it probably showed at certain points. My highlights of this semester were probably the video assignments though. I’m not much of an artist, so I enjoyed the opportunity to do more practical things such as video editing that were pretty simple but I was still able to learn significant skills from.

Final Meaning

For my final project, I decided to define what “art” means to me. I see a lot of definitions about what many different people do, and don’t consider art. What immediately comes to mind is the controversy of artists such as Andres Serrano, and the like. What they created was art in their own minds, but many others didn’t see it that way. To the inverse of that point as well. Creativity and art really are synonymous, and you can’t have one without the other because everyone will always look at things differently.

I combined some of my projects from this semester, with music, stock footage and narration to make my final project. Ambiguity is my sole intent, I hope others can manage to see things the same way I see them. I played with a lot of sound effects and different types of video to try and convey a message that couldn’t be just cut and dry, I hope it turned out well! I also used Audacity, Gimp, and iMovie to try and combine all of the elements of the creative process that we have developed throughout this class.

I hope the Youtube gods are kind to me, because I did use copywrite music. It was name your price, but I don’t know about usage etc.

Week 12 Summary

This was an interesting week to say the least. I had to spend a good amount of time catching up from last week, because my computer had died and I was informed three days later that it needed to be replaced. Unless I wanted to spend $500 repairing a 5 year old computer (I did not).

I spent a little time poking around, taking a look at what others did. This wasn’t my favorite week of assignments to be honest. But I still tried to get everything I could do to make them interesting, without making them overly complex or nonsensical.

Weekly assignments:

Photo Mash (4*)

This Doesn’t Belong Here (4*)


I Remix Some Things

Daily Creates

I Remix Some Things

So I decided that with these, I was just gonna do the first thing that came up. Even if it was really dumb, or didn’t make any sense whatsoever. I felt that I would get the most interesting results out of doing it this way, instead of picking and choosing things that tickled my fancy. I had been wondering what that button does….

I suppose this fits right in with the Fox news way of doing things?

I decided to make the Ds106 logo into a comic book thing with a filter. Looks pretty good.

Photo Mash (4*)

So, I don’t really pay attention to any actors or current movies. I kinda just prefer to watch older stuff, so I’m not super aware of that many current actors because I refuse to watch them.

I decided to take Eddie Murphy, and some other guy whose name I forgot. I put them in the Telletubbies background. I don’t really know why I made that choice, it just happened.

I used the program Gimp to edit them in. My old college finally cut the cable between me, and Photoshop, which I had been using for free since I was on the educational plan thing. I really like Gimp, it runs fast, there aren’t any ads and its completely free.

I’m Back For Good.(Week 11 Extension)

Well, last week my computer gave it quits right after finishing my main assignment for the week. In the process of uploading the video to Youtube, the computer decided that the fans were going to stop functioning and the computer essentially cooked itself.

I decided to take another look at the DIY style video that I had made last week. The one I made last week required a lot of effort, but I thought I could make a more clear and universally applicable one that had a more district end product. My video last week was for a very niche task, and something that not a lot of people would ever have to experience.

With what I made this week, there is a lot more applications to needing to change your oil when compared to last weeks more niche video.

I also decided to spend more time editing the video, and to add more visually appealing things. I also experimented more with camera angles to showcase what I was doing in a more clear view. One of my biggest critiques with a lot of videos is that there are very few camera angles that fully are supportive of the task at hand. If camera angles are good, you almost won’t need narration to figure out what is being done.

I overlaid music over the entire project, and switched between songs once. I also lowered the audio volumes depending on what was happening in the sequence. I did end up getting a copyright claim for using a Nas song, but I used an absolutely horrid royalty free song as well. I also integrated a narrated bit of the video, where I explained the things that you need, and some of the safety stuff that’s needed.

Week 10 Summary

I used IMovie for the first time in what feels like eternity. I’ve never really used it much before since like elementary school-ish. But it was pretty easy to get a hang of, and is a pretty solid interface for piecing videos together for free, and it’s also very easy to edit and add stills. My old school finally revoked access to my Adobe Creative Cloud things, so I no longer was able to access that suite, which is what I had originally planned on doing for this week.

The first assignment I did was the how-to video. I felt like the 2.5 stars originally allocated were not sufficient for the amount of work I put into this initial video, so I decided to make it a 5/10 rating. I spent a lot of time filming, editing, and remembering to add some form of text narration because I hate speaking in videos.

How to do something that probably nobody in this class will have to do.

The second assignment I did was the POV one for three stars. I filmed a POV clip of driving and added some fun sound effects and a filter to it. The character seems to be escaping nuclear war, or something. I really should figure out what YouTube has against letting me upload in 4k, unless its the internet making it difficult for this to be done.

Point of View (3)

Finally, I made a sassy cooking show for 3 stars. I made a smoothie, it was all smaller clips, but I spliced them together in order for them to make more sense.

Cooking Show, But Sassy (NOT REALLY COOKING)

For my video essay, I went with Silence of The Lambs, because even though it’s mentioned in the assignment details, I still think it’s a very unique and well done film, even if you only pay attention to the filmography, lighting and overall themes conveyed by the film.

 I Make a Video Essay

I also poked around my classmate’s assignments a bunch, and commented some. Just to make sure I’m on the right track.

Daily Creates:

Point of View (3)

I’m not sure who my character is, or where they’re going, but it’s doesn’t sound great.

I took the original video in 4k, but YouTube hates 4k and never processes it properly. Either way, I put a filter on it and added some creepy apocalyptic-sounding sound effects to the video. I tried to overlay them the best I could without one going over the other.