I’m Back For Good.(Week 11 Extension)

Well, last week my computer gave it quits right after finishing my main assignment for the week. In the process of uploading the video to Youtube, the computer decided that the fans were going to stop functioning and the computer essentially cooked itself.

I decided to take another look at the DIY style video that I had made last week. The one I made last week required a lot of effort, but I thought I could make a more clear and universally applicable one that had a more district end product. My video last week was for a very niche task, and something that not a lot of people would ever have to experience.

With what I made this week, there is a lot more applications to needing to change your oil when compared to last weeks more niche video.

I also decided to spend more time editing the video, and to add more visually appealing things. I also experimented more with camera angles to showcase what I was doing in a more clear view. One of my biggest critiques with a lot of videos is that there are very few camera angles that fully are supportive of the task at hand. If camera angles are good, you almost won’t need narration to figure out what is being done.

I overlaid music over the entire project, and switched between songs once. I also lowered the audio volumes depending on what was happening in the sequence. I did end up getting a copyright claim for using a Nas song, but I used an absolutely horrid royalty free song as well. I also integrated a narrated bit of the video, where I explained the things that you need, and some of the safety stuff that’s needed.

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