Weekly Summary (Kinda)

So, I just added this class earlier today. After three classes of Spanish, I decided I needed to push the rest of that off a little bit further into my future. At least until I can figure out what the hell is going on, en espanol.

So, here I am. I dug through a bunch of my past social media accounts, found some I forgot about, and created even more. I learned about WordPress the most, I’d heard of it, never considered using it. I also had no idea the college could steal domain names to use, that’s interesting.

Being able to keep track of everything is probably going to be a big challenge for me. The reset password button and I have a very touch-and-go relationship. I’m also absolutely terrible with computers, despite being 22. Which might be a bit of a problem when it comes to the more technical stuff in this course.

I’ve relinked all of my social media posts from my introductory post below. Again, bad with computers, sorry!

Pool Table

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Self Actualization

I always strive to get something out of any class I take. Sometimes what I learn is how much I hate it, and never want to take anything like it again. That’s probably why it took so long for me to start taking college-level math classes. Nevertheless, this class seems unique. I’ve had fully online asynchronous classes before in past semesters, but never something in such a format as this one. What I mean by that is in its presentation, and subject matter. Maybe not having lectures, and figuring things out myself is a good thing. I look forward to my potential in this class, and what I can make of it for the future.

Let’s Have Some Fun

The episode of The Art of Painting that I watched was entitled Dark Waterfall, from the 7th season of the series. I haven’t watched much Bob Ross recently, I used to, but not too often anymore. This episode focussed on the painting of a forested waterfall, based on a pre-prepared canvas with a blackened background. Whether it be the “happy little highlights”, or the simple tranquility of painting, Bob Ross clearly shows an immense amount of passion towards his work. From the start of the video, one would never assume what the finished product would be. That’s partially what the joy of watching Bob Ross’s work entails.

Introducing Myself

I had a Twitter account for some reason. I don’t remember making it, but I got an email that somebody signed into it from Indonesia, and then I kinda realized it existed again. Guess I can finally use it?
Well, I figured out all of my accounts I suppose…
Pool Table
Here’s a picture of a pool table I took while in a very sober state of mind. Turned out kinda cool I guess…
I reused my Youtube account too. I never really put anything on there anyways…