Radio Show Progress And There is some!

It’s been an interesting week for sure. I never really expected to do anything in person for this class, especially with the format and the professor not even being at UMW. But we had an in-person meeting at the conferencing building on campus, and my group and I were able to get a much better perspective on where to go with our project. I’m not a huge fan of Zoom meetings because I tend to not be engaged and get very bored, but being able to do this in person really helped get us on the right track.

My group also met once beforehand over Zoom, but I was working and wasn’t able to join this meeting. However, in the second meeting I found that they had already delegated some things for me to do, and I immediately got started with it.

We’ve already started our script, and we are currently working on getting together to rehearse some of our lines for the recording. I’ve completed two commercials for the project, and there are several other things that I’m also currently working on to expedite this process.

Commercial Number One

Here is my first radio commercial, which I will also use for my group’s project. It’s for paint thinner. It took me way too long because I’m only just re-figuring out Audacity, which is software I used a little bit years ago. But now…… Not so confident.

I’m not using Soundcloud because I don’t like the lack of privacy, this stuff is only for Ds106, not for anybody else to view.

Week 6 Summary, I Think I’m Getting a Hang of This

I’m still working on figuring out Audacity, so anything not involving Audacity is a good thing right now. Having fewer assignments this week made it a lot easier for me to increase the quality of what I’ve been able to produce.

Design thoughts: Design Thoughts

Photo Blitz

For my Photo Blitz, I had fun taking pictures of very different elements, and making them into a unique spread showcasing different styles, and things that aren’t always seen as photographs.

Movie Poster, Meet Book Cover

For my Weekly assignments, this one I chose to change a movie cover to display as a book cover, and I enjoyed working with different themes to put this together.

I Created a “Read” Poster!

I made a read poster! But I made it much more unique.

My Business Card

A business card too, though I made it much more interesting than they usually are.

Overall, a solid and productive week for me. I also started commenting more, which I’ve had trouble with in the past because I still am fumbling to get a hold of how exactly everything here is set up.

Oh yeah, and here are my daily creates. Nothing special.

Photo Blitz

Color: Orange is one of the most eyecatching colors, though there is not much contrast in this particular image.

Typography- Words matter, their arrangement, spacing. When they get too tight, they lose their meaning in a sea of text.
Minimalism- A chair. That’s all the meaning there is, there isn’t too much else to say.

Metaphor- The computer takes over where the book left off.

Movie Poster, Meet Book Cover

For this assignment, I chose to turn Jacob’s Ladder (1990) into a book cover. It’s one of my favorite movies, and I would have been interested to see a book version of it. Well, there is technically a book version but its more of a script than anything….

I took an existing poster, and replaced the center of the poster with a slightly ripped depiction of Jacob’s Ladder, as referenced in the Bible.

Design Thoughts

This was a pretty interesting article. Immediately, just by looking at the work discussed, it really catches the eye. Even if it’s now super detailed, or interesting, which most of his work frankly isn’t. Though when your audience is primarily children, I supposed it matters less if your artwork actually means anything, but rather if it catches their eyes as the targeted audience. Some of the historical designs featured in the same article also seem to go after simplicity, which really isn’t a horrible thing when most people aren’t exactly staring at something like a book cover to uncover the mysteries of life.

I Created a “Read” Poster!

Looking through Reading posters over time, there are some pretty horrible-looking ones out there. Most of the time, I was just staring at some of them and wondering who exactly is telling me to read books.

So I decided to go with a more thorough approach. I have Photoshop on my computer from my previous school, who forgot to deactivate my Adobe account I guess.

My Business Card

So once upon a time, I had a legitimate business card for a legitimate business that my friend and I ran. It had all of my actual-ish information on it, and was used for a few months. But, we got rid of that business eventually and I haven’t really had a business card since.

Again, I had a business card for myself last year when I was working for an insurance company doing property inspections. But, thankfully my boss decided to not put my personal cell phone number on the card, which was great because I don’t like talking to customers on my own phone.

So, for this assignment, I decided to have some fun with it and not explicitly do a business card promoting myself in a conventional manner. I’ve already had too many boring, ordinary business cards, and what’s adding another one to the pile going to do? But I did put the actual link to my blog in the card itself, so that works, right? I also admittedly do not live on Sesame Street, though that would be pretty cool if it were true.

I am in a world of confusion (Also Week 5 Summary)

I do not foresee a future for myself in anything related to audio. Audacity is terrible, and far too much hassle to work with. I just don’t have the time to fully master it.

First I stopped by hell for a quick look around. I could have just played U2 and it would have taken me to my personal hell, but I wanted something more painful for others.

Auditory Hell

Then I did the mixtape assignment, but it seemed to be in a slightly different format than was originally requested.

Make Your Own Mixtape

I listened to the radio show.

Radio Show, Thoughts

What a Song Means To Me

Described a song.

Sound Effects Story

Made a story from sound effects.

Audio Reflection

Reflected on audio storytelling

Radio Show Ideas

Thought about a radio show

Radio Bumper

And made a radio bumper.

All of this took way more time than I would have liked, especially since I still am not confident with audacity.

Oh, and my three daily creates.