I Make a Video Essay

I chose to go with one of the films listed in the assignment description, The Silence Of The Lambs. It also happens to be one of my favorite films of all time outside of the assignment.

Since the YouTube content police might have struck my account for uploading the scene, even with narration, I decided to just incorporate stills of the scene that stood out to me when watching the scene again.

For the most part, I paid more attention to the scene itself and the elements that made it stand out besides just the actors and script. The lighting, camera angles, and lack of music all were different.

Here is a link to the actual scene from the film, for reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V5dA92wqmME

How to do something that probably nobody in this class will have to do.

I ended up having to do something to my car, and decided that it would be perfect for this week in Ds106. Just in case anybody has a 20 year old Audi that they work on (didn’t think so).

I filmed the entire process in 4k, using a bench vice as a tripod. After filming it, I edited in some pictures that describe the needed tools etc. I chopped it up for time, fast-forwarded some of it, and added some background music to make it a little more watchable. I personally think videos of working on cars without narration are relaxing, I’m not very good at making them though, I drop too much stuff and cuss a lot.

Either way, I spent a lot of time editing this assignment and making it descriptive and somewhat useful. I’d say compared to some of the other assignments, this one should be with five stars, instead of the two stars that it’s listed as on the Ds106 assignment bank.

Week 9 Summary

This was a good week to wind down after finishing the radio product, which was quite the undertaking to begin with.

I revisited a couple of visual assignments from the past, just to give them another shot. I was pleased with the results the first time, personally. But I changed some stuff around the second time just to see what it would be like. I still think I prefer the originals for the first project I redid at least, but either way it was a cool experience to revisit them.

Revisiting Some Things

I reflected on some other shows:Show Reflections

Daily Creates, Week 9

I also did my daily creates, and connected them.

My group has already started talking about the final product, looking forward to figuring it out and hopefully getting a head start on that.

Daily Creates, Week 9

I forgot to do the third one. But so far, these two are connected because the lady got impaled by a clarinet in the town I created. Safety standards don’t exactly exist in my medieval city, which is probably pretty accurate.

Revisiting Some Things

There have been a couple of projects that I’ve wanted to experiment with more, even though in the moment I only did them once with minimal experimentation.

The first one was the sketch one. I just thought I could do more things with it than I actually did, and there were a few pictures that I would have liked to run through the machine but didn’t have the chance to.

This was “visualassignments2960.”

I ran about five images through. One had people in it and looked absolutely terrifying. I do not recommend running people through the sketch machine.

A golf course. The original looks much better. The machine doesn’t like grass, or lack of scenery. Though the mountains in the background didn’t get cut out I presume.

The machine also does not like water, and complex details. This doesn’t really look like a sketch to me anymore.
It hated my car even more. The shiny paint confused it I guess, and it didn’t really make the wheels look sketchy at all.

So overall, I prefer the original project I did. But it was worth taking another look and experimenting with it a little bit. Not liking stuff is a pretty important part of the creative process, so I’m not worried about that.

For my second revision, I decided to change my art adaptation project. I just drew a mustache on the Mona Lisa the first time around, so this time I decided to go a little more in depth with changing things.

This time I ruined the Mona Lisa even more. I distorted the image a whole bunch, so now she looks like a Simpsons character or something. I spent a good chunk of time trying to decide exactly how I wanted to do this, but this was my favorite result I think.

Show Reflections

I did not have a chance to tune in to any of the live broadcasts, they are always going during a slightly inopportune time for me. I listed to “College Advice” by bmdablis. This group was smaller than my group, so it was shorter than what my group did. But I thought the concept was very interesting, and I liked how they said they used a recording setup thing from UC. We did not use this but had the option to. But I really liked how their audio quality was, as it seemed to have been a good option. I would suggest all groups do this going forward, just for the sake of better audio quality. I also found the concept to the interesting, and relatable. It was also interesting to see a nonfiction radio show, as it seemed that most of the shows were based on fictional stories and things that had been bent to fit a certain theme or narative. The only thing I didn’t like was that the sound effects could be a bit abrupt, and the audio levels fluctuated a lot between the different hosts.

Week 8, It’s Done!

Another productive week. My group and I worked hard to finish our radio show, and spent several hours at the HCC making it all come together. We’re all happy with the finished product, it sounds great and Wade did a great job editing it to make everything sound even better.

Radio Show, Week 2

Daily Creates

That’s about it for this week. I’m very glad my group wasn’t huge fans of procrastination, and that we were able to really put things onto paper, and then immediately start recording and editing.

Radio Show, Week 2

Another productive week for our radio show. Our group worked well-delegating roles and followed up with each other. We had another in-person meeting after we did our individual tasks relating to the show. All of us had specific roles in the production of our show. I did some commercials and sound effects, while others had roles such as writing the script and making other commercials.

Meeting in person was almost crucial to making everything fit together nicely. It allowed great consistency in recording quality, and made it much easier for us to communicate in general.

It was fun to try and get the right sound effects together for the right scenes. I’m not a huge fan of voice acting type stuff, but I had to pull my weight since we only had two males in our group and needed multiple male voices. But I’m glad we got it all together, even if I cringed at the sound of my voice constantly.

Week ??? Summary

I’ve lost track of time. But I have done a fair amount of assignments this week, the majority of my focus was on the group projects, and I must admit that I did neglect my daily creates as a result. But as far as the group project goes, we’re on a great path and I’m sure we can do some great things with it.

I made a promo logo for our radio show: Promo, Logo?

Documented my progress: Radio Show Progress And There is some!

And I made some commercials for the audio assignments, that I plan on using in the final radio show project. Since they aren’t serious, I had a little fun with them and made them a little more interesting on the ears. Both of them are for things relevant to the radio show theme that we’re going with, and are both pretty long and fairly descriptive of the products/services they are offering.

Commercial Number Two

Commercial Number One

Daily create: https://twitter.com/ds106dc/status/1497163979377889280

Overall, I enjoyed actually being able to discuss things from this class with my group, and the communication was definitely way better in person. Next time I have to remember to do my Daily Creates and work on my poetry too because that’s lacking a little bit I presume. Next week should be pretty good as well, as there is always more stuff to do and more things that we are going to add to our radio show after the next meeting occurs.

I also commented on other posts and looked around a little bit at what others are doing. There is a definite spread of different personalities going around!

Promo, Logo?

I decided to go with a regular logo for our radio show, nothing crazy since that’ll be saved for the final show. Our group is named Radio 7, because there are seven of us in the group, so it worked out nicely. I liked the black and gold color combination, and I thought the record logo with the seven inside of it was a nice touch for this design.